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Dedicated / VServer Windows webserver package-manager tool.

You are Admin of a VServer or Dedicated Server and the server you are renting from your provider is pretty empty.
You will probably start installing various stuff e.g. frameworks, scripting languages, tools, web applications, etc.
This takes time (searching, downloading, reading through manuals, installing, troubleshooting) especially when you are new to this domain!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool (open source) that could help you ease this pain?
This is the idea of the raktajino packagemanager, it should help you:
  • ease and accelerate the searching and installing of web server software.
  • to be in command what to install.
  • show you possible dependencies and requirements amongst the software packages you are about to install.
  • install the software in a consistent way.

Teaser Video Duration 3min (easy install of MAMBO on IIS)
Teaser Video Dauer 3min (so einfach MAMBO auf IIS installieren)

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